I have spent the last 10 years living on the West Coast, working in entertainment, digital media and advertising.   At first impression, I'm pretty identifiable as a 21st-century young professional hypenate: high-energy, well-educated, technologically-sophisticated actress-producer-director.


The spin is: I grew up far from Silicon Valley and the bustle of Los Angeles.  Raised with a small-town sentiment in Montgomery, Alabama, I wear my homegrown integrity proudly. For me, the name Gossypium reflects a number of decidedly Southern ideals with which I was brought up and try to bring to my professional endeavors and relationships.


I believe in community. I have high aspirations for Gossypium's success in the entertainment industry.  I have the business-savvy and entrepreneurial enterprise in order to run our company, but I believe that having our roots in a community spirit that nurtures relationships, talent and creativity will result in the greatest rewards.


My current venture with Gossypium is a result of the constant competition between my left- and right brain.  Acting since the age of 7 and having appeared dozens of productions onstage, onscreen and online, I am well-prepared to contribute my creative abilities as an actress. The practical preparation for running a company, however, comes from my education at Stanford University, my corporate experience working as a domestic and international advertising account manager and as a media producer.


The business design for Gossypium is intended to serve both the technological and brand innovation necessary to compete in the fluid and competitive entertainment industry. The community-fostering approach, though, stems from my cherished experiences working in collaborative creative communities and companies, with a smidge of Southern values folded in for good measure.