Project |02


Project |01 FOODWAYS

"Exploring the history and lineage of home cooking, as passed down through generations of cooks."


"Highlighting the new slow food movement, as it pertains to a return to and celebration of traditional, farm-to-table approaches."

Project |02 LOST DETROIT

Developed and produced along with In Wonderland Films, LOST DETROIT is an hour-long TV/digital drama series pitch. Package includes fully designed deck, transmedia plan, and accompanying 20 minute short film.

Project |03 BEDLAM

BEDLAM digital media series pitch,  including one page, complete season 1 breakdown, and teaser trailer.


"A gritty and realistic look at the underbelly of foreign politics and the cloak and dagger dealings of black market weapons exchanges, Bedlam will seamlessly meld elements of a suspenseful political thriller with the high-octane, ass-kicking sequences seen in today's best action films."

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Project |03


Project |04


Project |05


Project |04 3:38

3:38 is a scripted short film developed and produced in collaboration with Somers Isle Films. 3:38 is also Alexis' film directorial debut.




Project |06


Project |05 ONE DOWN

Scripted digital series pilot script ONE DOWN was developed with and written by TV writer Amy Aniobi (Silicon Valley, The Michael J. Fox Show).


"A young woman attempts to redefine herself amongst a group of friends of whom she is the first to get divorced."


"The Starter Wife meets Sex and the City...but with New Girl hipness"

Project | 01 MISS MATTERS


Miss Matters is a modern advice column and online community for girls and women. 


Gossypium not only provides editorial oversight, but also full social media strategy and user experience.


Twitter/Instagram: @askmissmatters

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